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Change Begins Today

Written by Janie

On the Eve of Winter Solstice I sat and looked out the window at a wild sea. I watched, as one wave would follow another. So evenly spaced, flowing so effortlessly, each wave making way for the other. I tried to imagine an oil tanker, here, and something broke, shattered to the floor. I bent down and began to pick up the pieces, one at a time until they were all in my hand. I stood and once again looked out that window to the sea. I knew something dramatic within had just opened. I was ready to stand up and be part of a movement that is ready for a change.

I doubt anyone who really understands what is happening on our planet is at all surprised to hear that the JRP has approved the Northern Gateway Project; with a whole 209 conditions. That is like saying to someone – ok – you can commit a crime but there are conditions in regards to how you play that out. THEN it is ok. We would have been stunned if they had said no – that would have meant that they were actually listening to the 1000s of people, who wrote, or took the time to sit in front of the panel and speak from their hearts, explaining what this province actually means to them. First Nation leaders and elders spoke and they were thanked with a smile. But in truth no one was really listening.

We are at the moment of choice. Our history will be marked on this day. A realization has taken place. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and it needs our voice. If you do not think you can affect change – you are wrong. You can be a great agent of change. You can stand for something so meaningful by just getting involved. We can support those that take action. We can protest. We can appeal to government. Let's face it - we are the government. For them, it is all about pleasing the interests of big corporations and they are willing to go to any measure to do so. It is about the money and environment is their personal scapegoat.  It is time for us to remember that we are the keepers of this money trail and can actually decide which way it should go. This is our boat and not their sea.

This planet knows when enough is enough. Something needs to be given back. We can treat our home as only a resource – or we can choose a compromise between our needs and those of the planet.

We have given them the chance to speak and make decisions based on their needs. Now it is our turn. So here we stand in solidarity with the First Nations where the Great Bear Rainforest meets the Great Whale Sea and say, “No tanker shall pass”.

 Today we celebrate the return of the light, the sun, after the longest night of the year. For many cultures and for thousands of years this was the start of new beginning. How appropriate for so many of us today. Lets get started!


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