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To the songs and sounds of whales in northern BC.

Listen Live

We are now able to share with you the songs and sounds of whales along the quiet and pristine north coast of British Columbia - LIVE over the Internet.

We have dreamt of sharing this magical underwater world of whales with you ever since we first started researching whales. Join us now and relish in this marine masterpiece of sound.

Due to our extremely limited internet connection on remote Gil Island, we are only able to broadcast the signals of our hydrophone network when whales are vocal. Please make sure that you sign up to our Facebook and Twitter page below. Here we will post alerts and let you know when whales are singing.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy listening in to our Live stream.

For Listeners on Smartphones/iPhones

If you have enjoyed our live-stream, please consider donating securely via PayPal. Donations will help us research and protect whales as well improve our internet connection in the future to increase the time and audio quality we broadcast.

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