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Written Evidence For Whales

Written by Janie
As a registered Intervenor in regards to the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway we have recently submitted our written evidence to the JRP.
This evidence reflects our research findings from 2004-2011. We believe it presents a strong case against the project, especially towards the proposed introduction of large Oil tankers to this pristine and remote area of the BC coast.
We would like to give  thanks to the amazing work of James Pilkington and Carolina Ballert who helped produce our written evidence and everyone who has supported our work.
The late Johnny Clifton, hereditary chief of the Gitga'at First Nation, gave us permission to conduct our research in 2001 within Gitga"at territory. We believe that he had a vision that our work would at some point in time be beneficial to his people. We hope that with the evidence we provide here, we serve as part of that vision, though there is much more work ahead of us.
Please take the time and read our written evidence to gain inside knowledge about what is at stake for whales that inhabit the coastal waters of BC.

Humpback Whales:


Fin Whales:
Northern Resident Orca:
All the Best for 2012. May it be a year that inspires us all!
Hermann and Janie
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